Dancing One’s Way To Wellness

Students from Class 1 to 12 danced their way to a healthy frame of mind and body on Wellness Day that was celebrated by the school on 18th July, 2018. While dancing took centre stage, the main purpose behind the events of the day remained the importance of physical and mental health and well-being of all.

The day began with students and teachers participating in a rigorous, but enjoyable dance session which was conducted by professional dancers over the course of two hours. Students and teachers from all grades took part in the interactive activities scheduled for them.

The workout was followed by a nutritional snack. The workout proved to the students that staying fit and healthy isn’t a chore and it can be made into a fun activity.

All in all, the Aditi Community with this event hopes to start and continue the integral conversation on healthy living, which will only lead to the betterment and sustenance of the people it encompasses.