November 10, 2017,

Performance of Aditi students in external examinations 2017 and other updates

Dear Parents and Students,

I am delighted to share with you, once again, information about our students’ performance in national and international examinations. I share this with a modicum of pride but reiterate the caveats that I highlighted last year. A significant minority of students struggle with learning difficulties, face stress in examinations or grapple with emotional issues. Their performance in high stakes examinations must be considered in this context.  Statistics fail to capture these specific, often astonishing, stories. They, perhaps, equally fail to recognise the disproportionate role that a counsellor, a learning support teacher, a class teacher or a subject teacher (apart from the parents) play in scaffolding and supporting a child. I have, for long, been aware of these factors and would like to take this opportunity to celebrate these individuals.

Last year I stressed that examinations reveal only a slice of a student’s range of competencies. Success, both at college and the world of work, is predicated on multiple skills including those of collaboration, inter-personal, thinking, problem solving and creativity. School must therefore do considerably more than just prepare students for high stakes examinations. Some students tend not to do well in examinations though they may be highly accomplished in some of the skills mentioned above. The limited purpose of examination grades is to gain entry into higher education. Colleges throughout the world consider good grades a necessary (but not sufficient) condition for admission. Some colleges have become standard testing agnostic but they still require good grades. In India, the shortage of good institutions render the stakes even higher with cut-offs reaching ridiculous levels. This is the context in which the ‘battle’ for grades is joined.

Subject to the points mentioned above, I am happy to report that we have had spectacular results in both boards this year. I am delighted to express our appreciation of the sterling efforts of our students, teachers and parents. We just believe that all these groups have, among them, unsung heroes. Results, however, must be compared (if compared at all) not equally but fairly. Those results that merit the greatest celebration perhaps do not make it into my statistical rubrics. Statistical data about percentages of A*/A grades do not consider the size, cohort or ability levels of students who have opted for a particular subject. This is a big picture view, often lacking in detail and richness.

Cambridge International Examinations (CIE)

The excellent AICE results were in keeping with the school’s long tradition of doing extremely well in CIE examinations.


Subjects where 30% or more of the whole class got A*/A: Biology (30%), Chemistry (50%), Computing (40%), Economics (41%), Further Mathematics (75%), History (42%), Mathematics (43%), Physics (40%), Sociology (33%).

Number of students with straight A/A* grades in A-Levels in 3 or more subjects: 11 (21% of the class): Neha Deshpande, Aria Pradhan, Karthik Rajagopalan, Ram Vishwanathan, Tara Kuruvilla and Sarang Mani, Kavya Achyutuni, Mihir Menda, Niranjana Jayakrishnan, Ajay Chandra and Varsha Nitish. (The order of students is random).


Subjects where 30% or more of the whole class got A: English Language (71%), Biology (33%), Business (73%), Economics (65%), History (56%), Literature in English (39%), Mathematics (51%), Physics (48%), Sociology (50%)

Number of students with straight A grades in 4 subjects or more: 12 (25% of the class)

Shivam Bathija, Adi Rishab Dugar, Samara Kurien, Ishar Mayor, Prithvi Chandy, Nayantara Ghosh, Anshul Bhat, Samah Shahed, Meghna Shroff, Nikhil Fernandes, Rahul Prabhu and Ajay Tatachar. (The order of students is random).


ICE Diploma: 20 Distinctions in a cohort of 27 (74% of those eligible for the Diploma).

Subjects where 30% or more of the whole class got A*/A: German (100%), French (71%) Sociology (75%), Chemistry (73%), Economics (86%), English Language (71%) Physics (71%), Computer Studies (50%), Food and Nutrition (100%), Mathematics (68%), Biology (68%), Business Studies (67%), Geography (33%), Literature in English (65%), History (67%).

Number of students with straight A*/A grades in 9 subjects or more: 11 (39%)

Arya Anagol, Aryan Anand, Manya Bharadwaj, Innika Chikarmane, Sarthak Duggal, Drishya Iyer, Camran Lateef, Malini Narayan, Mahir Pradhan, Roshni Prasad and Richa Tupe. (The order of students is random)

It is important to note here that there is a perceptible drop in grades from Std.10 to Std.11. This has to do with the jump in the degree of difficulty between these two classes. A sense of complacency, on receiving the spectacular results in IGCSE, may also contribute to this. We have alerted students to this pitfall and would like to reiterate this to you as well.
IGCSE results are not predictors of AS performance, academic stamina and persistence are.

Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE)

Our ICSE/ISC results have been among the best ever. Two of our ISC students turned in among the best two performances in Karnataka. In ISC, we were among the top performing schools in the country.


Ahana Samat topped the class with 96% (all subjects).

A total of 13 students averaged 90% or above. (48% of the class):

Ahana Samat, Rahul Garga, Varun Singh, Kaveri Rai, Siddhant Jain, Prarthana Chandani, Nitya Gupta, Arnav Singh, Savr Kumar, Diya Colaco, Nikita Maheshwari, George Poonnen and Trisha Ajila (the order of students is random)

The class average (all subjects) was 86%.

The class average was 80% or above in the following subjects: Art, Computer Applications, Economic Applications, English, Hindi, French, History, Civics and Geography, Mathematics, Science and Physical Education.

100% was scored by Siddhant Jain in Mathematics and Science


Krishna Lal and Nicole Joseph topped the school with 97% and 96% respectively, taking all subjects into consideration. They also topped the state of Karnataka (4 subjects) with Nicole Joseph coming first and Krishna Lal second.

Apart from Krishna and Nicole, 7 students averaged 90% considering all subjects: Kamya Vishwanath, Nivedita Rohera, Arjun Vasudevan, Ritika Abraham, Vanshika Kajaria, Megha Birla, Ananya Sridhar, Ritu Jain, Adityahrydai Srinivasan, Nayantara Mohan, Shivrai Reddy, Pranaav Ganesh, Riya Sharma, Varun Murthy, Kavya Murali, Ameera Rao, Meghna Nair, Samreen Gafoor, Vivek Anand, Mayank Hebbar, Varun Vasudevan, Coona Krishnamohan, Tia Mathew, Ishan Raj, Paavana Srinivas, Kalyani Krishnan and Rhea Bopanna. (the order of students is random)

Taking only four subjects into consideration, the following also scored 90% or above: Aryamitra Srinivasan, Sanjana Khanter, Lakshana Alva and Rhea Melwani.

The class average (all subjects) was 87%.

The class average was above 80% in all subjects.

The class average was 90% or above in the following subjects: Psychology, Home Science, Computer Science, Art, Physical Education and History.

100% was scored in 7 instances: Political Science (1), Mathematics (1), Physics (1), Psychology (1) and Physical Education (3).

School Awards:

Two weeks ago, we presented several school awards in various disciplines. Details of these awards are provided below:

Mahindra Awards:

Instituted by the Mahindra Foundation, in select schools nationwide, the Mahindra Awards recognize academic excellence based on performance in school examinations (mid-term and finals). The Honour Award recognizes students who have won the Mahindra Award twice. The names of Aditi’s Mahindra Scholars for 2016-2017 are as follows:

Std.8   Shaurya Singh (Winner) Aryan Joshi (Runner-Up)
Std.9 (ICSE) :   Kiyara Lalwani (Winner)   Parth Behani (Runner-Up)
Std.10 (ICSE):  Siddhant Jain (Winner) Rahul Garga and Varun Singh (Runners-Up)
Std.11 (ISC-Science): Kimaya Colaco (Winner)  Ruhi Ruchira Prasad (Runner-Up)
Std.11 (ISC-Social Sciences): Leah Johnson (Winner) Isha Malaviya (Runner-Up)
Std.11 (AICE): Rahul G.Prabhu (Winner) Meghna Shroff (Runner-Up)
Honour Awards: Kimaya Colaco and Siddhant Jain

IGCSE Prize:

Std.9: Panu Hejmadi (Winner) Tara Khanna (Runner-Up)
Std.10: Camran Lateef (Winner) Drishya S.Iyer (Runner-Up)

Gupta Award for all-round excellence:


Madhav Sudarshan (Std.10 IGCSE)
Aashta Vartak, Arushi Bhandari and Kimaya Colaco (Std.10 ICSE)


Mahir Pradhan (Std.10 IGCSE)
George Poonnen (Std.10 ICSE)

Sakhamuri Award for Science:


Zaki Sista (Std.10 IGCSE)
Prithvi Chandy (Std.10 ICSE)


Camran Lateef (Std.10 IGCSE)
Siddhant Jain (Std.10 ICSE)

Vijaya Raju and Rajkumar Awards for A/AS Sociology:

Kartik Sundar (A-Levels)
Nayantara Ghosh (AS-Levels)

Vijaya Raju and Rajkumar Awards for A/AS Economics:

Ram Vishwanathan (A-Levels)
Meghna Shroff (AS-Levels)

I mentioned earlier that good grades ensure access to higher education. I provide below an updated list of admissions with scholarship/financial aid information provided where applicable.



Ashoka (8)
Flame  (2)
Jindal Law School (3)
Manipal University
Mount Carmel College
Srishti Institute of Art Design and Technology
St.Joseph’s College
St.Joseph’s Law College


(Students tend to get multiple admissions, thus the length of this list)

Bentley  $10,000 per annum
Boston (2)
Brown (2)
Bryant (2) $13,000 and $10,000 per annum
Bryn Mawr
CMU (2)
Colorado, Boulder
Culinary Institute of America
Dennison $ 20,000 per annum
Drexel (2) $18,000 and $15,000 per annum
Embry-Riddle $11,000 per annum
Florida Tech $20,000 per annum
Fordham $12,500 per annum
Franklin and Marshall
Furman (2)
George Mason
George Washington scholarships of $15000 per annum
Georgia Tech (2)
Illinois, Chicago
Ithaca $20,000 per annum
James Madison
Kalamazoo (3) $34,500 and $23,000 per annum
Maryland $5,000 per annum
MICA Baltimore $10500 per annum
Mount Holyoke
Northeastern (3)
Ohio State
Ohio Wesleyan (2) $18,000 per annum
Parsons $13,000 per annum
Penn State
Pepperdine $30,000 per annum
Purdue (5) $10,000 per annum
Rhode Island $17,000 per annum
Rochester Tech $10,000 per annum
Rollins (2)
Santa Clara (2)
Sarah Lawrence (2) $15,000 per annum
SCAD (2) $8000 per annum
School of the Arts Institute-Chicago
Scripps (2) $15,000 per annum
Skidmore (2)
St. Lawrence (2) $30,000 per annum
Suffolk $15,000 per annum
SUNY-Stonybrook (3) $13,000, $8,000 and $7,500 per annum
Syracuse (2)
Texas A & M
Toronto (3)
UBC (2) $14,000 and $10,000 per annum
UC-Berkeley (2)
UC-Davis (7)
UC-Irvine (5)
UCLA (5) $10,000 per annum
UC-San Diego (6)
UC-Santa Barbara (3)
UC-Santa Cruz (1)
UIUC (4)
UMass  Amherst (3)  $14,000 per annum
UNC-Chapel Hill
USC (3) $25,000 per annum
UT-Austin (3)
Virginia Tech
Wake Forest
Western Ontario (Richard Ivey School)
Wheaton $32500 per annum
William and Mary $3000 per annum
Wisconsin-Madison (2)
Wooster (2) $60,000 per annum


Bath (3)
Central St.Martins
Durham (2)
Edinburgh (2)
Exeter (2)
Kings (2)
Leeds Becket
Maastricht (2)
Royal Veterinary College
Sheffield Hallam
Warwick (4)

Certainly good grades open doors in higher education. So do a breadth of interests, persistence, sporting/extra-curricular accomplishments and academic stamina.

Finally, I am happy to share with you that, in Education World’s annual ranking of India’s best schools, Aditi was ranked THIRD nationwide and SECOND in Bangalore, Karnataka and South India ( share with you, some of my responses to this accolade, parts of which were published in the September 2017 issue:

We are delighted with our consistently high ranking. We recognize that this is a perception survey, which has limitations as a method. Our approach is to remain focused on being the best we can be, without complacency or hubris. These survey results are encouraging, but we recognize that Aditi is a work in progress. We reflect continuously on our systems and practice and consider how we can do things better. We (are encouraged to) have retained top ranking for almost a decade…


It is important to stress that Aditi has a collective leadership. We are supported by a very enabling Trust (the Ujwal Trust). We have an outstanding Senior Management Team[1] which is experienced, competent, fearless, articulate, multi-faceted and incredibly hardworking. I am just first among equals.

I would like to apologise, in advance, for any errors or omissions in this account. I would request that these be brought to my notice. I will rectify these, if any, in my next letter to you. In this, I will share with you about what has been happening in the areas of sports and cultural/literary activities.

 Warmest regards,

Principal and Higher Education Advisor

Mallya Aditi International School
Bangalore, INDIA   560 106                                              

Tel: 91.80.40447000 Fax: 91.80.28462507

Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations Centre: KA 029

Cambridge International Fellowship Centre IN 103 CEEB Code: 671059

[1] K.V.Jhumki (Elementary School), Hema Mandanna (Middle School), Geeta Paul (High School), Sateja Joshi (Pre-University), Dr.Annie John (Counselling and Child Safety) and Joel Kribairaj (Administrator)



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Performance of Aditi students in external examinations 2016: capturing nuance

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