Conference: Dec. 2 – 3, 2016

Specific Learning Disabilities in Middle and High School: Policy, Pedagogy and Practice

December 2 – 3, 2016, Mallya Aditi International School, Bengaluru


Mallya Aditi International School, Bengaluru, organised a national conference on Specific Learning Disabilities.

The purpose of this conference was to:

  • increase awareness of the nature of Specific Learning Disabilities
  • share subject specific classroom and home based strategies
  • discuss existing accommodations and accommodation pathways
  • examine existing policies and laws
  • empower stakeholders to advocate for the rights of students with Specific Learning Disabilities

The conference saw a vibrant mix of keynote addresses, interactive workshops, and panel discussions.

Target participants included heads of schools, teachers from middle and high school sections, special educators, students of special education, school counsellors and parents.

We further added value to the practice of supporting students with Specific Learning Disabilities in India by:

  • broadening the scope of intervention and practices in middle and high school
  • recognizing parents, mainstream teachers and heads of schools as crucial stakeholders
  • sharing evidence-based practices
  • focusing on the interaction of social and emotional factors with learning
  • enabling successful transitions to high school and college

This conference also provided opportunities to build networks of practitioners that allows the sharing of resources.

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