Creative Arts

Who Tells Our Stories?

This December, after six months of rehearsals, we finally put up a show on the theme of discrimination, ‘Who Tells Our Stories?’ Students of Elementary and Middle School participated in various creative domains – Indian Music, Western Music, Dance and Drama, to bring alive this theme. From a Pottan Thayyam from Kerala to songs from the African American Civil Rights Movement; from the story of Ekalavya to the legend of Kanakadasa, students mesmerised parents and friends attending the show with their performances. It was a celebration, not only of diversity among people, but also of diverse art-forms of expression.


A Musical Visit to Sarla Birla Academy on 22nd June 2018

Students of MAIS visited SBA for a music exchange programme on 22nd June, 2018. This was an exchange which offered an exceptional opportunity to music students from both the schools to collaborate at a number of levels.

The workshop was inaugurated by Ms Vani Pratap, with a melodious welcome song sung by the students which had been written and composed by music faculty, Dr. Mishra.

The series of events for the day began with the video screening of ‘Melody of SBA’- A documentary on SBA Music culture,which provided information regarding music culture in SBA and their exchange programme with Germany. The German exchange was titled ‘Srishti’ which was centered on the unification of music without any demarcation into Indian or western music. After this, students of SBA performed on tabla, harmonium, violin, drums, flutes, bass and cello.

The day continued with the next activity titled, ‘Sanrachana’. This comprised of lyrics writing and song composition. Being unfamiliarwith the task, initially our students were jittery and nervous, however they soon got the knack of it and enjoyed not only creating their own work but even performing it. This actually helped students discover their creative skills, which is the hallmark of any performing artist. It also helped them discover and experiment across stylistic and cultural divides in pursuit of new musical possibilities. ‘Sanrachana’ provided an important platform for students to showcase their creativity through collaborative working and explore new musical traditions like fusion.

‘Sanrachana’ was followed by a power point presentation by Vaishnavi Kumar of 11 ISC on Production, Transmission & Reception of the Sound, Volume, Pitch and Timbre vis-a-vis wire tension.

We also had an audio-visual session, where the audio of the film was played separately from the video and students were expected to match the two. This activity was aimed at building skills for creating music for films and videos.

The next session was a discussion on how to popularize Indian classical music amongst the youth of India. This debate brought into focus some very pertinent issues concerning music. It was unanimously acknowledged that the best way of popularizing classical music amongst youngsters was by exposing them to it in from an early age only.

The day ended with individual school performances by SBA and MAIS and a keynote address by the Principal of SBA with an assurance of having more such exchanges between the two schools. A desire for combined performances between the students of SBA and MAIS in the future was also expressed.