Learning: 2015-16

Field trip to the ENVIS Centre for Medicinal Plants

In July 2015, Std. 02 visited ENVIS Centre for Medicinal Plants (at the Foundation for Revitalisation of Local Health Traditions, or FRLHT), Yelahanka to gain an insight into ‘Growing Healthy Plants’.

At the centre, students observed many varieties of medicinal plants. They explored the greenhouse and discovered how regulation of conditions like warmth, light and air flow can help in the growth of healthy plants. It was interesting to see them applying their classroom learning to real life situations.

Students ended their visit with a lunch break and returned to school, where they drew diagrams to share their observations.

Interaction with the historian

Some students of Std.9 ICSE interacted with the historian, Dr. Ramachandra Guha on July 21. This interaction was the culmination of their summer reading course where they read Dr. Guha’s India After Gandhi.

Business and Economics field visit