School Profile

Name of School: Mallya Aditi International School
Postal Address:  Yelahanka New Town
Bangalore 560 106   INDIA
Telephones: +91 80 40447000    Principal: Extn: 6900 

Type of Governance: Private Independent School, run by The Ujwal Trust, a not-for-profit entity. The current members of the Ujwal Trust are:
Mrs.Valli Muthaiah
Mrs.Jyotsna Bhandarkar
Dr. (Mrs.) Lata Jagannathan
Mr.M. Lakshminarayan  

CEEB Code: 671059
Cambridge International Fellowship Centre: IN 103
Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations Centre: KA029
Full Time: 114
Part Time: 10
Total: 124
Percent of faculty from Host Country: 99%
Percent of faculty from other countries: 1%

Total Strength (2-12): 614
Elementary School (2-5): 175
Middle School (6-8): 123
High School (9-10): 110
Pre-University (11-12): 206
Percent of students from US & Canada: 12%
Percent of Students from Host Country: 83%
Percent of Students from Other Countries: 5%
Percent of Graduates attending university: 100%
Nationalities: 12

Grade Levels Offered: 1-12
School Accreditation:

  • Council for the Indian School Certification Examinations, New Delhi. (KA 029)
  • Cambridge Assessment International Examinations, Cambridge, UK (IN 103)
  • Member, Near Eastern South Asian Council of International Schools (NESA)
  • Member, The Association of International Schools, India (TAISI)

Types of Diplomas/Programs Offered:
Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE)
International General Certificate of Education (IGCSE)
Indian School Certificate (ISC)
Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE)

Special Services Offered:

  • Counseling Services
  • Learning Support (LD)
  • Higher Education/Career Advising
  • Standardized Tests: PSAT, AP, SAT (SSD)
  • AP Testing Centre

Main Language of Instruction: English


Principal and Higher Education Advisor: Sathish Jayarajan 
Administrator and Admissions Officer: Joel Kribairaj
Head of Professional Development and CAIE Liaison: Sateja Joshi
Head of Counselling Services: Dr.Neena David
Child Safety Officer: Radhika S. D’Costa
Head of Elementary School: K.V.Jhumki
Deputy Head of Elementary School: Navaz Hormusjee
Head of Middle School: Hema Mandanna
Deputy Head of Middle School: Shukti Dutt
Head of High School: Geeta Paul
Deputy Head of High School: Joyce Jose
Head of Pre-University and Higher Education Advisor: Preeti Sarin
Deputy Head of Pre-University: Soni Thomas
Higher Education Advisory Services: Sathish Jayarajan/Preeti Sarin
Administrative Support for College Admissions: Olwin D’Souza and Joel Kribairaj (college/university visits)
Examinations Officer, ICSE/ISC (CISCE): Joseph Anthony Sudhakar
Examinations Officer, IGCSE/AICE (CAIE): Olwin D’Souza
Contact for Technology: S.Bupesh
Contact for ES Curriculum: Rekha Chari
Contact for Media/Library: Bina Ullal
Contact for Business/Finance: Ganesh Gibson
Student/Faculty Exchange: Chitra Punja


Mallya Aditi International School, which was founded in 1984 by Anne Warrior, Geetha Narayanan, and a pioneering group of committed teachers and parents, remains true to its values and to the continuous development of its core competence: teaching and learning.

The school strives to create a learning environment that is child-centred, international in perspective, engaging, active and critical. Its ways of working are democratic and decentralized. The school celebrates student and teacher-led initiatives and values creativity, excellence and a social conscience. Aditi graduates attend some of the best colleges and universities in India and around the world.

Aditi recognises that each student learns differently and that these differences must be acknowledged and supported. The school’s Counselling Team  and Learning Support Laboratory have proven expertise in addressing these differences.  Members of the school’s outstanding Counselling Team routinely conduct research and present papers at national and international conferences.

Aditi believes that developing a sense of community and a social conscience lie at  the very heart of education. Students of the school have also recently become involved with the Spastics Society of Karnataka as partners. Other community involvements have included the HelpAge India, Samiksha and CRY.

Another of the school’s enduring commitments is to the creative and performing arts. We believe that art, music and drama are not extra-curricular at all but an entitlement of all students and, profoundly related to learning. The school’s innovative Creative Arts Department has produced critically acclaimed plays, musicals and concerts. More importantly, this incredibly talented department has led several initiatives to integrate the creative arts into several other parts of the curriculum. The result has been the creation of riveting learning experiences that have proved invaluable for students.

Aditi has repeatedly demonstrated its commitment to the liberal arts and humanities. Thanks to excellent faculty, subjects like Economics, Sociology, History, Geography, Literature and Political Science have always enjoyed a high status in the school. The commitment of teachers in these subjects is to develop a sense of critical enquiry in students. Questioning conventional wisdom is common in Aditi classrooms. The school is equally committed to excellence in sciences and mathematics. Biology students have participated in tiger-censuses; turtle walks and extended research projects on local eco-systems. Mathematics is augmented by exciting extra-mural lectures by practising mathematicians.

Teachers are the school’s most valuable resource. Aditi’s emphasis on the professional development of its faculty is legendary. A dedicated Professional Development Centre creates opportunities for continuous professional development. The school offers teachers opportunities to update their skills in institutions in India and abroad.

Never resting on its laurels, Aditi strives constantly to be a community of learning.


From the Principal’s Desk – Aug. 2020

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