Sapna Sudhir, Global Projects Manager, Cadbury Schweppes

Class of 1990
“What am I doing now? Really, just the same old stuff since my days at Aditi:

I am adding a leaf with every book I read to the tree on Mrs. N’s pin-board. I am loving my community – its art, its theatre, its sports, its people. I am expressing myself, everyday, playfully and thoughtfully. I am planning, and influencing, and executing, and always, I am learning.

As a Global Projects Manager with Cadbury Schweppes I manage a large transformation project spanning 26 countries. Between stakeholder presentations, people “issues”, delivery DEADLINES and travelling around the world, I also make time to manage events for the local Squash community to bring sports into people’s lives.

Like I said before, it’s the same old stuff, just a different classroom.

PS: Note to Mrs. Warrior: I aimed for the stars, hit the tree tops, and am still climbing ;-)”

Sheetal Sudhir, VP, Creative Director, Channel [V]

Class of 1991
“I truly believe that I was Aditi’s personal project: ‘Let’s get Sheetal to the ICSE examinations!’ That is what Aditi does… it makes you feel special. Heck I WAS a special child~ I was captain of the Slow Eaters Club!

I learnt over the years that the fantastic foundation Aditi as a school gave me, has made me waltz through my journey with great expectations and fruitful results. The seeds of ‘Thinking out of the Box’ were sown and etched forever by Mrs. Warrior’s amazing narrations of Roald Dahl’s stories and poetry. (Who knew this would influence the impressionable me into the wacky world I live and breathe in at work today!)

Today, I eat fast, can never be caught by a speeding bullet and take full responsibility for all the crazy indents you see on Channel [v]! After all, its just a part of my work, being the VP, Creative Director at Channel [V].”

Aditi students currently attend or have graduated from some of the finest universities in India and abroad.

Chitra Somayaji, Media and Technology Reporter for Bloomberg

Class of 1995
“My ten years at Aditi were my best — they were fun! And they gave me a
taste of what was yet to come..

After 12th grade in Aditi, I graduated from Smith College in Northampton, Mass., with a B.A. in Economics; interned with the left-leaning magazines Dollars & Sense in Boston and The Nation in New York; and landed a job with Bloomberg News in Princeton, New Jersey. I’ve since worked as a media and technology reporter in New York, before moving back in April 2005, after 10 years in the U.S., to open
a news bureau here in Bangalore for Bloomberg.”

Namrata Radhakrishnan, Curator, Kynkyny

Class of 1995
“In my 2 years at Aditi, I made some of my best friends who I keep in touch with all over the world. Each one has turned out to be successful in their own field … my classmates are now journalists, scientists, chefs, lawyers and designers.

After school, I did my BA in Economics at the University of Southern California, then worked in Risk Management and Consulting in New York. And now am happy to be back in Bangalore and run Kynkyny an Art & Furniture gallery.”

T T Mukund, Researcher, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research

Class of 1995
“It’s a difficult thing to start calling your teachers by their first names when, for all those years in school, they’ve been “Mr. This” and “Mrs. That”. It is equally difficult to maintain such formality when, after all those years out of school; those very same teachers have become more like friends or family. This is a standard dilemma for Aditi alumni, because we never lose our connections with the school we grew up with, and the friends we made there”.

Presently I run a research lab at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, and spends much of my time making bacteria that glow in the dark.”

Arvind Thyagarajan, User Interface Designer, IBM

Class of 1996
”An appreciation for your childhood, upbringing, schooling is usually felt only in retrospect, when you are a paunchy 40 yr old with a rosy picture of the past. But even as a student in Aditi I could sense the special nature of the place. The huts where we did drama and music, the research projects our teachers would give us as early as 6th and 7th standards, the forward thinking nature of the education delivered there, and the passion the teachers had for it. Our curiosity was piqued and our learning fires lit.This is what an education is meant to be!

Today, I live in San Francisco, California. I am neither 40 nor paunchy, but I dance cuban salsa, and go rock climbing, train in the Brazilian martial art dance form capoeira, draw, paint, attempt to play various musical instruments without much success, and dream a lot. Oh, and I guess I should say I work for IBM as a User Interface Designer, but that’s the least of it!”

Beatriz De Benitoma, Marketing Personnel, Deutsche Telecom

Class of 1996
“My experience in Aditi was great. I come from Madrid (Spain) and studied in Aditi the two last years before joining college back home. I learnt a lot from the people and culture. The educational system is brilliant, very practical and it helps you to develop personal and professional skills. Now I work in the marketing department of Deutsche Telekom in Madrid, holding responsibilities in my team.”

Arzu Mistry, Professional Development Trainer

Class of 1996
“Aditi was hugely influential in my decision to go to art school, be an artist and most passionately devote my life to arts education.

Currently I live in Oakland CA and my own work is around Professional Development for classroom teachers, to coach them to integrate arts in their classrooms. I have been accepted to the Harvard Graduate School of Education in Fall 2007.”

Rishidev Chaudury, Pursuing Ph. D in Physics

Class of 2000
“At Aditi,in spite of a rather restrictive and dry I.S.C. syllabus, the teachers got me excited about what I was studying at the moment. This was the time my subject began to come to life for me.

I’m currently spending a year exploring various things (working on a farm, teaching, working at the National Institute of Advanced Studies) before heading off for a Ph.D. in physics.”